Fred Horton Photography



Creating An Image

The wilderness was my playground as a child and when my friend's interest changed I continued on my own. Overcoming fears of being lost and identifying strange sounds, I was becoming at home in nature, knowing it on a deeper, more personal level. When I first took photographs as a teenager some of the results were reflective of the beauty I was seeing. What started as the quick snapping of a picture has over the years evolved into the creation of an image, a process that originates long before I ever reach for the camera.

It begins by a walk into an autumn forest abound with its display of fall colours, the rich aroma of the forest floor, the soft cushion of green moss and the cascading swirl of mountain streams. As senses inhale the splendor of this radiant landscape, it's beauty and harmony echoes deep within, slowing my pace to a near silent flow.

Drawn to a compelling arrangement of red and orange leaves on a carpet of yellow and green grasses, I stop moving. The stillness is hauntingly vibrant as I observe the variations of light emitting
from the sky above. Time seems to stand still as a scan of the surrounding area reveals more picture spaces, acting like a rippling effect, almost overwhelming. It is now that I bring out my camera to expose a visual composition embodying the wonder that I am experiencing.