Fred Horton Photography




I instruct photography workshops for individuals with a passion for this medium who require a more comprehensive understanding of their 35 mm SLR camera. The creative use of shutter speeds and apertures as well as understanding lighting, composition, etc. are some of the skills necessary to produce better images. With the digital capture of images not only are we able to see the results immediately but it  enables us to have unprecedented control over color, tonality, etc. It is a very exciting and challenging time to be involved in the dramatic evolution of such a gratifying medium.

With so much focus on technology we can become less attentive to what inspires us to take photographs in the first place. The process of taking a picture often begins long before I reach for my camera. This workshop will address nature awareness skills which will enhance our connection to the world we photograph in.

If you would like more information please contact Fred Horton:
tel: (902) 243-3210